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Arrancame La Vida - Raulin Rodriguez

Titel : Arrancame La Vida

Artiest(en) : Raulin Rodriguez

Genre : Bachata

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Envidia

€ 17,90


Raulin Rodriguez - Arrancame La Vida
This is Rauli­n Rodriguez`s 2006 album but one, recorded and masterized by J-N Records & Tapes. Later, the artist switched to EMI, which was an achievement for him. This album includes bachatas and merengues and marked his career. The genre and the target market demanded lively songs; and added to Rodriguez’s special touch, the album became an essential part of the collection of any bachata lover worth his salt.
1. Arrancame La Vida
2. Quiero Ser de Ti
3. Dos Mujeres Para Mi
4. Quisiera Ser La Cama
5. Y Volvere
6. Como Quisiera Olvidarte
7. Esperame
8. Que Sera?
9. Mi Linda Paloma
10. La Castigadora