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Antilles Mechant Bateau (LP) - various

Titel : Antilles Mechant Bateau (LP)

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 08-2018

Label : Born Bad

€ 21,90


Antilles Mechant Bateau: Deep Biguines & Gwo Ka From 60s French West Indies
LP + 4 page booklet + MP3 download code
Vervolg op het swingende Disque La Raye
1. Mahy - "Antilles Mechant Bateau" (4:13)
2. Guy Conquete - "Ban Moin Cle A Titine" (4:06)
3. Dolor - "A Dardonnel" (2:24)
4. Joseph Lacides - "Yo Ka Biguine" (2:25)
5. Tino Saint Val - "Mam`zelle Cancan" (2:26)
6. Dolor & Ses Etoiles - "Ki Vino" (2:37)
7. Dolor & Ses Etoiles - "Socie Cabrite" (5:46)
1. Gaby Siarras - "Moana" (4:55)
2. Joseph Lacides - "Citation Creole" (2:46)
3. Casimir Letang - "Menage Chalvire" (2:59)
4. Manuela Pioche - "Pas Ban Moin Coup" (2:17)
5. Gerard Valton - "Bel Me A Present" (2:50)
6. Beaujour & Ses Diables Du Rythme - "Ti Te Ya" (3:08)
7. Josianne St Louis - "Jeines Gacons" (3:40)
8. Dolor - "Vini Sauve Moin" (2:22)
Born Bad Records present Antilles Mechant Bateau, a compilation of percussion-based music from Guadeloupe. More properly, the subject of this collection is musicians drumming on percussion as a way of asserting their creolized identity. Songs that tell, in veiled terms, a different reality from that what which mainlanders were fed. Special cases, with cries of joy and laments accompanied by cadences, as an invitation to trance, all immersed in the Caribbean melting pot of rhythm. A symbol of Guadeloupe`s struggle for independence, the prominently featured ka drum became the soundtrack of a new generation, who sped up the tempo in the `70s and definitely transplanted it to town, while the plantation economy (the original soil of the ka drum) was in crisis. From then on, the old tambouyés (drummers) finally were celebrated as they should be