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Cositas Buenas - Paco de Lucia

Titel : Cositas Buenas

Artiest(en) : Paco de Lucia

Genre : Flamenco

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2004

Label : Universal

€ 9,99


Paco De Lucia has had a distinguished career as a guitarist, songwriter, collaborator, and frontrunner in the old and new guards of flamenco. After 40 years of putting his personal spin on Spain`s musical tradition, De Lucia leans more toward his roots on 2004`s COSITA BUENAS. Intense, passionate, and filled with stunning grace and precision, the album is threaded through with virtuoso guitar playing, handclaps, and percussion that evoke native costumes, brightly lit Spanish cafes, and dusty Andalusian plains.
De Lucia plays bouzouki, mandolin, and lute, as well as guitar, on the record, while guest vocalists and the occasional second guitarist keep the sound fresh and varied. Though De Lucia`s allegiance to tradition is clear, this is undoubtedly a modern release, with the guitarist`s expressive phrasing, nimble articulations, and knack for recurrent melody evident throughout. The result is an intricate, deeply felt album that will transport the listener to a world of beauty.
This is a rounded and polished album that is, above all, loyal to Flaminco. Eight tracks as regards both his own music and music in general. Three Bulerias, of which "Que Venga El Alba", De Lucia reaches back in time to rescue his inner voicec, Camaron de la Isla, and plays alongside the third of the holy trinity, Tomatito. Produced by Javier Limon.
1. Patio Custodio (Buleria)
2. Cositas Buenas (Tangos)
3. Antonia (Buleria Por Solea)
4. El Dengue (Rumba)
5. Volar (Buleria)
6. El Tesorillo (Tientos)
7. Que Venga el Alba (Buleria)
8. Casa Bernardo (Rumba)