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Djunta Kudjer - Elida Almeida

Titel : Djunta Kudjer

Artiest(en) : Elida Almeida

Genre : African/World

Medium : CD

Jaar : 03-2017

Label : Lusafrica

€ 9,90


After releasing her first, successful album in 2015, ``Ora doci Ora margos`` (Sweet Times, Bitter Times), Elida Almeida brings us ``Djunta Kudjer`` (Let`s Put Our Spoons Together), meaning let`s unite in friendship, solidarity or even love, in Cape-Verdean Creole.
On this EP of six tracks - four of them brand new - traditions of the Sahelian archipelago, the romantic ballad (Forti Dor), batuque (Era Mintira) and funana (Discriminason) are colored by touches of pop and the flavor of islands across the Atlantic, as shown by Di Mi Ku Di Bo (The Two of Us), recorded in Havana at the end of 2016 and released as a single at the start of this year. To freely fashion Bersu d`Oru (Golden Cradle), Elida Almeida chose a lesser-known beat from the archipelago: tabanka. Played during the festivals of May and June on the island of Santiago, that symbol of the struggle for national independence is now an exuberant, colorful affirmation of African identity.
1. Bersu d`Oru (3:48)
2. Forti Dor (4:14)
3. Era Mintira (4:20)
4. Discriminason (4:21)
5. Di Mi Ku Di Bo (3:54)
6. Txika (3:39)
7. Bersu d`Oru (Versão Tabanka) (3:47)