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Cafe Atlantico - Cesaria Evora

Titel : Cafe Atlantico

Artiest(en) : Cesaria Evora

Genre : African/World

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1999

Label : BMG

€ 9,90


Café Atlantico, prachtig album uit 1999 van Cesaria Evora.
Unlike Mar Azul or earlier releases Miss Perfumado and Cesaria Evora, which were largely collections of the Portuguese-influenced song form called morna, Café Atlantico finds Evora singing Cuban and Brazilian traditionals. Evora`s voice is as smooth as ever, but it`s a little odd to hear her croon to a bolero or danzon. Still, the connection fits snugly as this release is a tribute to Evora`s hometown of Mindelo, a port on the Cape Verdean island of São Vicente where sailors from Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, and the Caribbean cross-pollinated the music of Cape Verde. On Café Atlantico Evora croons with her usual beauty, poise, and melancholia. Thankfully, instrumental accompaniment again includes the piano and acoustic guitar and bass, but with the flavorful addition of light (and only occasional) orchestral accompaniment, which highlights the creamy richness of this lovely Latin music. Café Atlantico takes a tasteful, innovative step in broadening Evora`s repertoire, and its plaintive grace and relaxed romanticism emphasizes what the world has now come to realize: Cesaria Evora is the greatest living singer of our time.

1. Flôr Di Nha Esperanca (4:14)
2. Vaquinha Mansa (4:46)
3. Amor Di Mundo (4:05)
4. Paraiso Di Atlantico (3:55)
5. Sorte (3:47)
6. Carnaval De São Vicente (3:48)
7. Desilusão Dum Amdjer (5:35)
8. Nho Antone Escaderode (3:45)
9. Beijo De Longe (4:00)
10. Roma Criola (4:09)
11. Perseguida (4:49)
12. Maria Elena (3:28)
13. Cabo Verde Mandá Manténha (4:00)
14. Terezinha (3:23)