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Syliphone Years - Balla et ses Balladins

Titel : Syliphone Years

Artiest(en) : Balla et ses Balladins

Genre : African

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Sterns

€ 19,90


Known as the “intellectuals of Guinean music”, their range of material was vast and incorporated elements from local Malinké and Fula traditions, as well as Cuban music and jazz. They toured widely and were an orchestra to which others aspired. These 2CDs were assembled with the help of collectors the world over and include some of their rarest recordings along with their greatest hits - not least the classic “Sara ‘70”, the independence anthem “Kaïra” or their swansong recordings “Bamba” & “Paulette”. They are a unique and compelling record of a very special time for African music. "It is impossible for me to imagine a big electric dance band from Africa, or anywhere else on Earth for that matter, better at conjuring a mood than Balla et ses Balladins ." (quote by Barry Eisenberg Beat Magazine.) 2-CD with 44 page illustrated booklet.
DISC 1: (1968-1972)
1. N`na soba
2. Bandian
3. Touré
4. Bélébélé
5. J.R.D.A.
6. Yo te contres Maria
7. Bedianamo
8. Tara
9. Limania
10. Sara `70
11. Moi ça ma fout
12. Sakhodougou
13. Kaira
14. Bi diamana môo
DISC 2: (1972-1980)
1. Kognô koura
2. Manta Lokoka
3. Yahadi géré
4. Reba mirima
5. Kandaran ka
6. Ka noutea
7. Ancien combatant
8. Nyo
9. Wilikabo
10. Pakaduku
11. Lumumba
12. Bambo
13. Paulette
total playing time 2 hours + 24 min