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Syliphone Years - Keletigui et Tambourinis

Titel : Syliphone Years

Artiest(en) : Keletigui et Tambourinis

Genre : African

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Sterns

€ 18,99


Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis - The Syliphone Years
Prachtige dubbel CD van dit orkest uit Guinee, inclusief booklet met uitgebreide liner-notes
1. Sabougnouma
2. Mariama
3. La Guinee Moussolou
4. Fruitaguineé
5. Kadia Blues
6. Famadenké
7. Cigarettes Allumettes
8. Djoute Wassa
9. Kesso
10. I Boyein-Boyein
11. Tambourinis Sax Parade
12. Quinzan
13. Il Tomatero
14. Banankoro
15. La Loma de Belen
16. JRDA
1. Guajira Con Tumbao
2. Toubaka
3. N`nadia
4. La Bicycletta
5. Bole Gbanina
6. Tambourinis Cocktail
7. Kiss My Nose [A.K.A. Kiss My Noose]
8. M`bongi Eyi
9. Bébé
10. Talassa
11. Donsoké
12. I Dyoolaro
13. Mandé
14. Bakary-Dian
15. I Kanan N`djanfa
16. Kabakéle

Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis might be nearly forgotten nowadays, but they have has been one of the most influential bands in Guinea during the 1960s and 1970s. Soon after Guinea`s independence, the 25-piece National Orchestra had so many talented members, that it was decided to make two orchestras of it, l`Orchestre de la Paillote under the direction of Kélétigui Traoré, playing in the club La Paillote, and l`Orchestre Jardin de Guinée under the direction of Balla Onivogui, playing in Le Jardin de Guinée. After a while, l`Orchestre de la Paillote was renamed in Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis. l`Orchestre Jardin de Guinée became Balla et ses Balladins.

Another wonderful compilation from the Syliphone label of top class West African 70s music. If you liked Buena Vista Social Club or Orchestra Boabab then you`ll love this, as Guinean music was heavily influenced by visiting Cuban bands, melding it with traditional dance music and songs with a patriotic flavour. All done with that weirdly "slightly-out-of-tune" West African feel that gives it an edge and stops it being too smooth.