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Seya - Oumou Sangare

Titel : Seya

Artiest(en) : Oumou Sangare

Genre : African

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : World Circuit

€ 15,90


Singer and songwriter Oumou Sangare is genuine superstar in her native Mali, and a charismatic performer who has thrilled audiences around the world with her exhilarating live performances. In the lyrics to her songs, Sangare takes up the causes of her fellow Malian women, frankly exploring their problems and unabashedly articulating their desires; the outspokenness of her words are a liberating as her music, which combines traditional instrumentation and rhythms with a sophisticated, funk-driven, contemporary groove. Seya 2009 release.

1. Soun Soumba
2. Sukunyali
3. Kounadya
4. Donso
5. Wele Wele Wintou
6. Senkele Te Sira
7. Djigui
8. Seya
9. Iyo Djeli
10. Mogo Kele
11. Koroko (feat. Tony Allen)