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Paya Paya - Horaya Band

Titel : Paya Paya

Artiest(en) : Horaya Band

Genre : African

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1997

Label : Dakar Sound

€ 6,90


Horaya Band - Paya-Paya (Dakar Sound)
PAYA PAYA ((DKS 012) van de Horoya Band is een jubelende optelsom van pompende percussie, stuwende electrische gitaren en tuimelende blazers. Een reeks hits van Guinée`s grootste band, die zoveel jaar na dato niets aan zeggingskracht verloren hebben
A swell collection of rare Guinean pop from the old Syliphone label. Metoure Traore`s guitar-and-horn heavy Horoya Band was formed in 1964, and eventually dissolved in the early `80s, as public tastes changed in the face of more modernized international pop. This is lush, lovely stuff taken off old albums and 45rpm singles that came out mostly in the early `70s -- the guitar work that underpins these tracks is uniformly gorgeous, though at times the brass arrangements can be a bit shrill and off-in-another-worldish. Cool stuff, though, with odd hints of Afro-Beat, surf, and Arabic influences. If you enjoyed the excellent "GUINEA" `70s compilations, then this disc is a nice chance to check out one of the better-known Guinean bands at greater length
1. Paya Paya (6:31)
2. Louba (3:36)
3. Zoumana (9:44)
4. Wèrè Wèrè (5:09)
5. N`Fala Diamana (6:51)
6. Alphabétisation (4:02)
7. La Guinée Horoya (4:18)
8. Apollo (3:47)
9. N`Na La Kassi (4:15)
10. N`Ma Déri Wola (6:10)
11. Kanimba (6:34)
12. N`Banlassouro (2:34)