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Oumou - Oumou Sangare

Titel : Oumou

Artiest(en) : Oumou Sangare

Genre : African

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2004

Label : World Circuit

€ 17,90


De bekendste zangeres van Mali, Oumou Sangare met een dubbel CD met 20 nummers, 12 komen van haar oudere album en 8 gloednieuwe tracks. 2004 dubbel-CD.
This six-foot-tall goddess is indisputably one of modern Africa`s greatest singers. Her magnificent, throaty alto and exotic yet accessible style have already won her an impressive international following. Oumou`s lyrics are nearly as compelling as her voice and person; her open affirmation of female sensuality and diatribes against polygamy have irritated conservative elders but delighted her contemporaries. She is an exponent of the blues-like Wassoulou tradition, which takes its name from a province in Southern Mali. The region`s music is based upon Asian-sounding five-tone scales and is usually accompanied by the resonant kamelengoni (a six-stringed hunters` harp) and searing, earthy fiddles, while jaunty polyrhythms are marked by wood drums, metal scrapers, and/or shakers. This double album constitutes an ideal introduction. It contains a twelve-track "greatest hits" package (picked from her first three albums, Moussoulou, Ko Sira, and Worotan) plus eight new tunes that have never before been available on CD.
1. Ah Ndiya (Oh My Love)
2. Wayeina (An Exclamation of Enjoyment) [#]
3. Mogo Te Diya Bee Ye (You Can`t Please Everyone) [#]
4. Magnoumako (Agony) [#]
5. Dugu Kamalemba (The Womanizer, the Skirt-Chaser)
6. Saa Magni (Death Is Terrible)
7. Woula Bara Diagna (A Long Way Away)
8. Yala (Roaming About for No Good Reason) [#]
9. Djorolen (Worry, Anxiety) [Remix][#]
10. Denko (The Business of Having Children)
1. Maladon (Hospitality) [#]
2. Diaraby Nene (The Shivers of Passion)
3. Sigi Kuruni (The Little Marriage Stool)
4. Ne Bi Fe (I Love You) [#]
5. Laban (The End of a Human Being`s Life) [#]
6. Kayi Ni Wura (Good Evening to Everyone!)
7. Sabu (The Source)
8. Djorolen (Worry, Anxiety)
9. Baba (A Love Song for a Husband)
10. N`Guatu (The Straw That Grows in the Savannah Fields)