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Leila - Bana Maquis

Titel : Leila

Artiest(en) : Bana Maquis

Genre : African

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1997

Label : Dakar Sound

€ 7,90


Recorded in 1996, LEILA is the debut of Tanzanian pop outfit Bana Maquis, and features a lithe Sekou-influenced sound that harks back to the ‘70s golden age of Central African music. The group is composed of veteran players with varying musical backgrounds who have performed with venerable outfits like the Orchestre Maquis du Zaire and Negros Succes. LEILA blends the soaring guitar arpeggios and syncopated percussion of Congolese Soukous with the sweet harmony style favored by Tanzanian and Kenyan vocalists. CD on Dakar Sound

1. Leila (6:22)
2. Bana Maquis (7:09)
3. Afrika Amuka (10:31)
4. I Love You (7:44)
5. Famile Mabe (7:14)
6. NKana (8:18)
7. Selemani Maini (7:03)