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Kamalan N`goni-Dozon N`goni - Alou Fane

Titel : Kamalan N`goni-Dozon N`goni

Artiest(en) : Alou Fane

Genre : African

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1997

Label : Dakar Sound

€ 9,90


Malian singer Alou Fane began his career in the sprawling Super Djata Band and as a dancer with the Malian National Ballet in the late ‘80s before forming the Fote Macoba, a largely acoustic afro-pop trio that played both modern highlife and more traditional Malian music. KAMALAN N’GONI - DOZON N’GONI features virtuoso performances on the harp and ballafone as well as thrilling vocals from the talented Alou Fane.

1. Tou Lomba
2. Mangoya
3. Miria
4. Baba No. 2
5. Maimona Diallo
6. Ya Folie
7. Baba No. 1
8. Dakan
9. Miria (Reprise)