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Kamalan N`goni-Dozon N`goni - Alou Fane

Titel : Kamalan N`goni-Dozon N`goni

Artiest(en) : Alou Fane

Genre : African

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1997

Label : Dakar Sound

€ 9,90


Malian singer Alou Fane began his career in the sprawling Super Djata Band and as a dancer with the Malian National Ballet in the late ‘80s before forming the Fote Macoba, a largely acoustic afro-pop trio that played both modern highlife and more traditional Malian music. KAMALAN N’GONI - DOZON N’GONI features virtuoso performances on the harp and ballafone as well as thrilling vocals from the talented Alou Fane. 1997 cd release on Dakar Sound

1. Tou Lomba
2. Mangoya
3. Miria
4. Baba No. 2
5. Maimona Diallo
6. Ya Folie
7. Baba No. 1
8. Dakan
9. Miria (Reprise)