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East Of Africa - various

Titel : East Of Africa

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : African

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1999

Label : Dakar Sound

€ 6,99


East of Africa: Pioneers of African Popular Music.
If you want to explore the roots of Soukous, there`s a great compilation CD of mid-1960s Congolese pop singles on Dakar Sound called EAST OF AFRICA. Though the title implies the Indian Ocean or Madagascar, it`s a reference to the fact that bands often licensed their hits to small labels in other countries to get out of unfavourable tight contracts with their own labels. These singles were issued by Melodica in Nairobi, and document the two main streams of popular Congolese music that prefigured Soukous. First there was African Jazz, Joseph Kabaselle`s band that played amplified rumba music. After independence the key members, singer Rochereau and lead guitarist Docteur Nico, split to form African Fiesta. At the same time a new sound, rooted in folk instruments such as likembe (or thumb piano) evolved with OK Jazz and Le Negro Band being the main exponents. Nico and his various groupings, including Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo, were on the Ngoma label. OK Jazz, Vedette Jazz, and others made their albums at the Loningisa studio, also in Kinshasa. Both styles of music -- as well as a couple of novelty numbers showing the influence of West African highlife -- are included on EAST OF AFRICA. Among these African Team`s "Madou Whiskey Soda" is priceless. You don`t have to choose between the styles, but the African Fiesta tracks are smoother, and more cha-cha based; the Negro Band tracks have a lot of rawness and wonderfully squeaky soprano sax solos by Empompo Loway. From African Jazz there`s a forerunner of "Twist & Shout" called "Tika Kutupende kolo." One of my favourite ballads, Nico`s "Mamu wa mpoy," on which he plays Hawaiian slide guitar is included: it`s the first time it`s been on CD and alone is reason enough to buy this collection.
1. African Jazz - Mama Tsheba (2:40)
2. African Jazz - Ngai Mobo Aye (2:42)
3. African Jazz - Mama Kwela (2:30)
4. Negro Succes - Majo (7:11)
5. African Jazz - Freigera (2:41)
6. Negro Succes - Kokisa Confiance Te (3:06)
7. African Fiesta - Mamu Wa Mpoy (3:18)
8. Negro Succes - Bolole (5:20)
9. African Team - Madou Whiskey Soda (2:35)
10. Negro Succes - Vie Ya Kindumba (4:44)
11. African Fiesta - Mireille Mwana (3:01)
12. African Jazz - Mokole Okaya (3:06)
13. African Jazz - Tika Kutupende Kolo (2:39)
14. African Jazz - Africa Chachacha (3:04)
15. Negro Succes - Yokoka Toli Nana (5:32)