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Best Of - Oliver N`Goma

Titel : Best Of

Artiest(en) : Oliver N`Goma

Genre : African

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2003

Label : Lusafrica

€ 9,90


Oliver N`Goma (1959) is a Gabonese Afro-zouk singer, mooie verzamelaar met hoogst aanstekelijke afro-zouk, check ook Monique Seka
He was hired as a cameraman by Gabon TV and went to France for training in 1988. There he met Manu Lima, by then one of the best producers on the Afro scene, former leader of Cabo Verde Show, and a man who has helped the careers of many great African artists to take off. The tunes that Oliver brought him interested Manu, and he handled the artistic direction of Oliver`s first record. "Bane" became a big hit in 1990, all over Africa, in France and the French West Indies, where even today a party isn`t a party unless "Bane" is on the turntable
The second album "Adia", also in partnership with Manu Lima, was released in December 1995. Five years later, Oliver took a new approach with "Seva", choosing to work with artists with different musical backgrounds. More than ten years after he started out, Oliver N`Goma`s music, a catchy combination of West Indian zouk and African beats, is as alive as ever.
The album, ``Adia``, was released in the late 1990s. Combining sophistication with a proliferation of beats, ``Adia`` proved that Oliver was no one-hit wonder. In 2001, he made ``Seva`` without Manu Lima, but then got back together with the French-Cape Verdean producer whose skill had been so crucial in shaping his first 2 albums. The result, ``Saga``, was released in May 2006. This ``Best Of`` collection combines the best of his earlier recordings.
1. Bane (5:39)
2. Icole (5:40)
3. Julie (4:54)
4. Nge (5:50)
5. Fely (5:29)
6. Lili (4:55)
7. Sal (4:19)
8. Elie (5:37)
9. Lina (5:34)
10. Muetse (6:11)
11. Lusa (5:20)
12. Adia (5:26)
13. Olivier N`Goma medley (8:02)