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African Pearls - Congo 70, Rumba Rock - various

Titel : African Pearls - Congo 70, Rumba Rock

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : African

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Syllart

€ 19,90


Fantastisch deel uit de African Pearls serie, met muziek uit Congo uit de jaren 70.
1. Franco et OK Jazz (Luambo Makiadi) - Boma l`heure (5:03)
2. Papa Wemba et Viva la Musica - Zonga Zonga (10:03)
3. Dr Nico (Nico Kasanda) - Tu m`as déçu Chouchou (5:33)
4. Johnny Bokelo et Conga Success - Tambola Na Mokili (5:05)
5. Grands Maquisards (Dalienst Ntesa) - Maria Mboka (9:48)
6. Trio Madjesi Sosoliso (Mario Matadidi) - Sex Madjesi (11:53)
7. Lipua Lipua (Nyboma Mwandido) - Kamale (6:17)
8. Zaiko Langa Langa (Evoloko Joker) - Fievre Mondo (9:33)
9. Franco et OK Jazz (Youlou Mabiala) - Kamikaze (7:44)
10. Mando Negro Kwala Kwa (Fidel Zizi) - Masamba JM (5:45)
11. Bombenga et Vox Africa (Jeannot Bombenga) - Simone (4:51)
1. Empire Bakuba (Seskain Molenga) - Nazoki (5:05)
2. Tabu Ley Rochereau - Maze (10:24)
3. Bantous de la Capitale (Cosmos Mountouari) - Makambo Mibale (5:06)
4. Bella Bella (Mulembu) - Lipua Lipua (4:48)
5. Franklin Boukaka et Manu Dibango (Franklin Boukaka) - Le Bûcheron (3:26)
6. Dewayon et Co-Bantou (Dewayon Bokelo) - Camarade ya Kinshasa (4:42)
7. Verckys - Nakomitunaka (6:24)
8. Grands Maquisards (Dalienst Ntesa) - Toko Senga Na Nzambe (7:06)
9. Elegance Jazz (Bedemos) - Ngalula Marthe (4:43)
10. Franco et Ok Jazz (Luambo Makiadi) - Azda (7:29)
11. Bavon Marie Marie & Négros Succès (Bohlen) - Libangana Libumu (9:23)
12. Sakade Band (D-R) - Beya Moke (6:23)

2008 release. Syllart Productions releases another Congo edition of their African Pearls series of compilations -- a stunning 2CD collection of `70s Congolese rumba rock. In the late 1940s, the influences of jazz, European and Cuban music met on opposite banks of the Congo River to form a new style of music -- rumba. In Leopoldville (later to become Kinshasa) and Brazzaville, rumba was to rule until the late 1950s. In terms of pure dance, no one could beat the Congolese orchestras and their audiences. Backed by a budding record industry, the first of its kind to emerge on the continent outside of South Africa, and loyal audiences, a whole new music scene was created. The birth of modern Congolese music was aided by several factors, including the introduction of electricity, better recording facilities, and the importation of records. These influences coalesced with independence in 1960 to trigger a whole new era, with people dancing to the tune of "Independence Cha Cha Cha," African Jazz`s ode to the new era. Heard in the streets, bars and clubs of Leopoldville and Brazzaville, this new style of music embodied a genuine Congolese cultural identity, be it of Brazzaville Congo or the ex-Belgian Congo. In the 1970s, Congolese musicians, bandleaders and singers began to break free from the influence of Cuban music. The Congolese sound became pure rumba rock, and its powerful rhythm and ringing guitars influenced many other orchestras on the African continent. This was an era of epic competition between the pioneering orchestras of African Jazz, OK Jazz, Rochereau, Verckys and Dr. Nico. It led to a surge of creativity, aided by the frequent interactions between the musicians of the different groups. Produced by Ibrahima Sylla. Includes a 24-page booklet with full-color photos and liner notes in English and French by Florent Mazzoleni.

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