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Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane - Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane

Titel : Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane

Artiest(en) : Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane

Genre : African

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Syllart

€ 6,99


In Senegal, Thiossane is a respected musician, composer, dramatist, and artist whose songs were sung since the 1950s, yet he never issued an album until this. As many senior singers, his voice is hardly prime, but he sings with spirit, and supporting him are 14 excellent West African instrumentalists, including those from the bands Orchestra Baobab, Xalam, and Africando. The music is Afro-Cuban son blended with traditional and contemporary Senegese dance beats, well-arranged by François Bréant. Thiossane grew up listening to Septeto Habanero and Harry Belafonte and brought these and other music styles into his work. Coupled to these rhythms and harmonies are lyrics that honor tradition, mythology, and important individuals. Summaries of the tunes are provided in the insert, along with photographs of his art. If you enjoy Orchestra Baobab, then this somewhat more relaxed Afro-Cuban amalgamation should likewise be appreciated. This music is splendid. The 74-year old`s own debut recording is a happy discovery.
1. Aminata Ndiaye (5:38)
2. Lat Dior (5:38)
3. Ndiaye Diatta Ndiaye (5:23)
4. Arawane Ndiaye (4:25)
5. Siket (6:16)
6. Talene Lampe Yi (4:39)
7. Thiere Lamboul (5:02)
8. Bouki Ndiour (6:16)
9. Laye Woyena Laye (5:38)